Friday, May 22, 2009

Signs of Progress . . . .

These are pictures from the third day . . .  Lots of progress!   We "cut" off the ends of the "Lump garden" transplanted those plants elsewhere and used the top soil.  Michael and Eddie built a raised bed around my "Bird Girl" statue .

Then . . .  it was time to gravel the paths . . .  

NOW . . there are always a couple mis-haps with a big project this was ours Eddie loaded gravel onto my garden cart and began to pull and plop . . . . axel went,  wheels buckled and my cart bit the dust . . literally!

Out they went in search of a new cart while I began planting inot the perimeter beds!
Well . . . a new garden cart is not a bad thing!
Cart found, cart assembled . . . then we resumed the task of laying gravel down on the paths and raking it.  That felt quite Zen !

Things are shaping up now . . . . the Farmer boys are pictured after a very long day of hard work!

More to come . . . . . Lots to plant . . . 


Bumpkin Bears said...

this is so exciting Lori, it is going to be so charming when it's finished, I love your idea and your statue is so sweet. Looking forward to the next installment :) Hugs, Catherine

Heidi Steiner said...

The garden is looking delicious!!! your helpers are pretty adorable too. :)

Rylie said...

My mouth is hanging open, WOW I am just amazed. Your garden is wonderful! Looking forward to more pictures.

Terry said...

Wow this is truly amazing.Your photos are fantastic.
It is like something from a garden magazine from long ago. Fabulous design.
It is so beautiful.I can't stop looking and dreaming about coming over to walk around the garden with you and that gorgeous spotted hare.
I am sorry your cart bit the dust .I do hope you find it was worth it.
Thank you for sharing this beautiul garden.
Looking forward to many more visits to your lovely garden.
Happy Memorial Weekend.