Friday, August 14, 2009

Still Glowing !

Just a bit more about the "glow" before I'm back to garden pictures.
I thought'd share a few pictures of works by dear friends.
The members of "The Golden Glow" collect antique Christmas a well as antique Halloween, and other holidays. Christmas is the main focus, but I used this opportunity to begin some Halloween pieces as it's become quite a busy season here!
Enjoy these shots of work by Nicol Sayre, Paul Gordon, Scott Smith, Stephanie & Vaughn Rawson and a cute one of Debbie Thibault too.


Elma said...

Oh I love the pumkin head person!! What beautiful treasures!!!

Lisa said...

Really great! Sorry I couldn't go!
Hugs, Lisa

tj said...

...Oh after viewing all of that I gotta feeling you're gonna be glowing for quite some time! Just wonderful, wonderful stuff! :o)

...I too love the pumpkin head doll and the lil' black cat atop the pumpkin is to die for too!

...Have a great weekend and blessings too... :o)

Louise Peers said...

wonderful pics ,thanks Lori,would love to go to something like that !
Louise x