Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth . . . . Be gentle

Mother Earth, she provides us with so much beauty.
Treat her kindly for there is no one to take her place.

What are your plans for today?
Here at Corelis house we are:
Not driving . . .
A bicycle trip to the grocery and maybe a local antique shop are planned.
Later some planting and maybe a walk with the dog to pick up trash we see.
Ending the day with some wonderful spinach from the garden.

I realize not everyone can go a day without driving, I am lucky to work from home and my husband is retired. But . . . everyone can find at least one small thing to do each day that will help preserve our environment.
(One little thing I do especially this time of year is to keep a large pitcher in the sink at all times to catch residual water from rinsing, filling, etc. This water is used in the garden or to water what ever plants need it. It's amazing to actually see how much just goes down the drain.)

Have a lovely day,
Lori Ann


Lori said...

me thinks we are on the same path ~ beautiful post.
may I ask, are these your tulips in the photo?
and will you share thair name?
Blessed be,

Lori said...

{ I was tryin' to sound poetic and didn't hit 'spell-check' } eeep!

Kris Miller said...

Oh, Lori Ann, are those checkered lily bells? I used to have some growing in my flower beds but the rabbits and deer kept eating them and now they don't come back. Yours are lovely!!!

Lori Ann C. said...

Hi girls...yes the flowers are checkered lilies !
I love them! I can't remember how many I planted or if I had more. I had even forgotten what they were! How's that for a bad gardener!
But I'm buying more more more!!! We do have rabbits, but no hopefully I'll have a whole patch in a few years!
Thanks for the comments!!
Lori Ann

William Bezek said...

Here, Here! I find that since I left southern California I barely drive and am happy about that. I think I am down to a yearly oil change but a bi-yearly bike tune up...good trade off don't ya think?