Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Toasty Paws & Chilly Toes . . .

Today's offering on:
"Wild Hare Wednesday"

Toasty Paws & Chilly Toes
A silly little squirrel who thought smartly to wear his mittens, but forgot about his toes!
Toasty is 8" tall, of soft taupe mohair &
stands all by himself like a big boy!
He wears a stocking cap that is long enough to keep
his little neck warm & teeny little red mittens.
He carries a vintage bottle brush tree.

I'm SOLD - Thank you!!
(Free shipping, US 48 . . . 'cause it's Christmas!)

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Brrrrr . . . Lori Ann


Patty said...

I Love everything you have done !
I look forward to seeing what you create next!! Happy Christmas!!

Patty said...

Hi Lori Ann,
Thank you for your comment on my Blog! The town that we go to is Julian, CA.. Julian, is an old town in the mountains 60 miles outside of San Diego.
It is known for its apples. they are well known for their apple pies etc.. We beach people go up for the snow in the winter. The ranch is a private home one of our Friends own... The barn that is on their property is an historic barn. It was built in 1908 to support a freight business and housed teams of horses, wagons, and supplies. It is wonderful and very interesting!

Maria said...

Lori Ann, Oh my what eye candy over the last few weeks. Those little imps nearly melted my heart. So sweet. Thanks for adding me to the blog role....I've done the same. Merry Christmas...stay warm! Maria

Lori Ann C. said...

Thanks girls!!