Monday, April 18, 2011

In the Garden . . . the first signs!

I am so ready to be gardening this year!
It was 76 today so I did!!
In our part of Ohio we should wait until Mother's day or so
to set out tomatoes and the like.
This I find so difficult!
I'm just not good at that kind of patience!
Luckily . . . the asparagus is already starting to grow.
Some even a couple feet high. Another lesson in patience . . .
I can't cut it all till next year! Most asparagus takes 3 years to mature,
so I bought 2 year crowns. This year I can cut a little, and boy has it been
I do have potatoes, onions, garlic, lettuce, spinach & peas in!
And truth be told . . . I couldn't wait,
I did plant a couple tomatoes so I must watch for frost
Mid May can't get here soon enough for me . . .
THEN I can really finish planting . . eggplant, peppers, more tomatoes
squash . . . yum...yum...yum !!!

May you have a wonderful
"Dig in the dirt"
Lori Ann


just me said...

oh that looks yummy! we are going to get some asparagus started this year! 4 years is such a long time. we had snow today in easter washington state! crazy, we are eager to get our garden started also. with this weather it might be july lol

Kris Miller said...

Boo Hoo...we had snow yesterday...our growing season is 3-4 weeks behind already :^(