Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wild Hare Wednesday . . . A Freckley, Speckley day!

Happy Wild Hare Wednesday to you!

Please meet:
Freckle & Speckle

2 very special little baby bunnies.
They are "special" because they are the
only ones of their kind!
You see . . . I cannot get this wonderful fabric any longer.
It came from "Knoevelkes" in the Netherlands and
is lush Alpaca, with the cutest speckles and freckles!

Freckle and Speckle are 9" to ear tips.
They have wool felt ear linings, glass eyes, hand shaded details
and are stuffed slouchy and heavy with steel shot.
Each carries a carrot of vintage velvet so not to get hungry on
the trip to their new home!

$225.00 EACH
Shipping $8

Thank you so very much!!!

Lori Ann

PS: Remember to stop over to:
They are having an update today as well!

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Theresa said...

They're very sweet Lori!!! The wool show we went to was a lot of fun and it was crowded too. I'll send you a e-mail about it soon.:0)