Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wild Hare Wednesday . . . . Milo, My Little Garden Helper

Welcome to :
Wild Hare Wednesday.

Please meet . . .
My Little Garden Helper

He stands (all by himself!) . . .  just a whisker over 8" to ear tips.
Milo is created from beige kid mohair with glass eyes & wool felt ear linings.
He wears overalls fashioned from beautiful antique indygo fabric, with lace trim at the. ankles.
Notice that little tail sticking out back !
He also wears a kerchief, as all aspiring farmers do!
His accessories include 8 teeny wool carrots, a pickin' basket and his very own pitchfork!

Milo would love to com help you in your garden . . .  & he promises to share the carrots!

(ship/ins $12.00)
Thank You!
Please email to purchase

Lori Ann

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