Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wild Hare Wednesday . . .

Welcome to:
Wild Hare Wednesday!

May I introduce you to:

Little Mr. Green Jeans
(Who among you remembers Mr. Green Jeans & Bunny Rabbit? )

Little Mr. Green Jeans is created from soft sandy
sparse mohair.  He is about 10" tall from his perky ear tips to his heels,
with wool felt ear linings & paws, his eyes are black glass.
Stuffed heavy with steel shot to nestle into your hand.
He wears overalls sewn from very lightweight antique wool,
his bandanna is a tiny vintage check.
Just look at those carrots he found hidden in my lettuce patch!

Little Green Jeans has been a big help to me this week
in the garden...well, not so much "help" as company!

ship $10.00


Please email to purchase:

Lori Ann


Lana said...

Oh, he's adorable ~ No wonder he is already sold! I remember Mr. Green Jeans! :)

Patty ♣ said...

I remember Mr. Green jeans !! One of these days I will have one of your fabulous creations!!! Love the cute pieces that you create Lori Ann!! Each one makes me smile!!

tj said...

...Can you do those overalls in a Misses Size 8 please? *giggle* ;o)

...I do remember Mr. Green Jeans! And this lil' fellow is just perfect Lori Ann. If I saw him in my lettuce patch I'd say forget the lettuce & pick Little Mr. Green Jeans. Your creations always, without fail, make my heart swoon.

...Enjoy your day!

...Blessings :o)

Kays Kids said...

I can't remember Mr. Green jeans. Perhaps we didn't have that story here in Australia.
I must say I love the Mr. Green Jeans that you created.