Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry, Merry . . .

I'm  dreaming  of  a  white . . . "day after"  Christmas  !
How totally in keeping with everything else that I have been a "tad behind" on this season!
Many orders went out quite last minute as I stitched late into every night.
I was still decorating on Christmas eve and still today I was baking cookies for my sweet husband.
(Who by the way, made that lovely birdhouse in the above photo!)

I have always loved the days following Christmas.
I finally have time to curl up on the sofa, drink a cup of tea, read a magazine 
and fully enjoy the warm glow of the Christmas tree lights.
No more rushing, no more have to's, no expectations,
 everything for just a while, can be done in a more relaxed fashion. 

So, I am a tad late with the Merry Christmas wishes this year,
but, just because I'm a little late doesn't mean these wishes are any less heartfelt!

I wish you all Peace and Joy, now and the whole year through!

From my heart to yours,
Lori Ann


jennifer768 said...

May you enjoy the peace and quiet for the coming days.Lovely picture,I was so wanting snow but it missed us.Hugs,Jen

tj said...

...Here's hoping your Christmas Day was everything you hoped for and more! Enjoy these days after, they are rather relaxing aren't they? :o)

...I am with Jennifer up there too, so wanted snow but it went past us. We did get a few flurries tho'.

...Love the birdhouse too! Could this possibly mean that Mr. Spotted Hare will be joining in on your artistic offerings with a birdhouse or two? *wink*wink*nudge* ;o)

...Blessings to you.

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

I always enjoy the days after Christmas. Finally time to enjoy the tree, stay by the fire and listen to the wind blow. Only a dusting of snow here. Stay cozy and warm!

Shelly said...

Amen! We got our decorations up kind of late too, like the 21st! We'll enjoy them and the slower pace. Happy New Year!

Jillayne said...

They're my favourite days too - Boxing Day is almost like New Year's Day for me in that I feel as though I am beginning again....
I wish you great joy, on your couch, with your tea!