Friday, January 3, 2014

New beginnings . . .

A New Year brings thoughts of new beginnings
and Winter brings out nesting instincts.
These two conspire to push you into projects around the home and studio,
 projects that begin small, but they always seem to grow . . .  oh how they grow!
The studio really takes a beating after a year of constant stitching,
zooming from one season to the next without time to revamp or put away
creates total havoc!
Somehow last year I completely missed my new year clean up so this year
I have 2 years of dust, dirt, threads and STUFF to sort thru!
I do need to begin stitching, but I will be far less stressed and more productive
 working in a less cluttered, cleaner & calmer space.
I'm giving myself 5 days . . . we will see!

Day 1:
Bins and bins, stuff everywhere, every flat surface gets covered!
I also have overflow storage in guest room closets, cupboards and the basement, but that's for another day!
Where does it all come from?  The cupboard is filled to the gills!
Hours and hours of taking things off walls and carting out bins, baskets and boxes full.
Both guest rooms are packet to the gills!  How can one room fill two???
Considering painting the mustard cupboard . . .  again ;-)
Note to self . . . job 1, raise the curtain rods!
It's pretty much bare bones now.
I love the simplicity . . .  if only it could stay this way!
Happy Nesting,
Lori Ann


Anita said...

The mustard cupboard looks amazing but I know sometimes you just need a change...My goal is to replace some drapes with roman shades... They are simple to make and really change the look of a room. Your messy room looks like mine does when it's in order...I need to really clean it out and purge...Happy New Year

Kays Kids said...

Dear Lori Ann, You are far tidier than me. I have such a small room with Boxes every where and no place to put it all. It seems bear making requires a lot of stuff. Or in my cases some one gives you something and I think I might use it one day.
Happy creating.

NataliaUNA said...

Dear Lori Ann!
What a transformation!
I love it and so and so. In an atmosphere of creative chaos magic. Cleaning promotes a new beginning.
Rich creativity in the New Year!

Monica said...

Totally with you! Met a big deadline yesterday, and now I need a whole week to tidy up!!! Love the simplicity of the room you work in, but also the creative mess!;)
Monica xo

Three Sheep Studio said...

Fabulous job !
I loved the wire bins with the ribbon rolls all lined up !
Time to create ;)

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Looks fun! I have a fabric closet off my hooking room that is a huge disaster ~ intended to organize it in the fall ~ maybe spring? I know you'll have that darling little room whipped into shape in no time!!!

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

oh boy ~ do I ever know what you mean.
my deadlines are looming, the new year is here and I am sitting on a pile of stuff that needs to 'go away' (as that awesome sign in your first photo suggests!!)

spring cleaning will no doubt be a welcomed-thing here at this old farmhouse

Jan Conwell said...

You know you'll fill it up again, (and the stuff you took out is still in there, whispering) but art is a cyclical thing, and that's perfectly okay.

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

I love the Go Away sign! Need one of those for my studio.

Gayle said...

You can definitely tell that this is the space of a creative person. My studio is always a mess, but I can find exactly what I'm looking for underneath piles of other stuff. What a beautiful room!

The Stitch Fiddler said...

Oh my goodness this sounds just like me! There's just enough space to walk through and my hubby hates to enter the room due to the clutter.
Your room looks spectacular...but once sewing projects begin....clutter returns.

Lori Ann Corelis said...

Love all your comments! Thanks for following along!
Hope you are all having a happily creative day!