Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A dreary Wild Hare Wednesday . . .

Hello and welcome!
Yesterday's sun has left us, today the rain came and brought
with it a dreary sky and chilly temps. ~ All in the name of spring I guess!
Well . . .  that rain just turned to snow, or something kinda snow-like !

Please meet:
The Little Babushka Twins
Liliya & Lucya
Each is about 9" to ear tips and created from soft chocolate mohair.
They have bent paws and long toes and are stuffed heavy with steel 
shot for that perfect hold in your hand feel!
Liliya and Lucya wear aprons sewn from antique linen hankies, adorned 
with a patch and antique button. Their "babushkas" are antique check.
They have been out in the countryside
 gathering wee carrots which they hold in their aprons.
(each comes with 3 tiny velvet carrots.)
$265.00 each
ship $12.00
Please specify Liliya OR Lucya
Email to purchase:

Bits of babushka sweetness!
Liliya ~ I'M SOLD ~ Thank You
Lucya ~ I'm SOLD ~ Thank You!
Have a happy day!
Lori Ann

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KleKro said...

The charming hares!