Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It's Wednesday!

It's Wednesday . . . and that means?
A Wild Hare
Ummmm ~ OR ~ A Wild Mouse?
 EEK!  But these are cute mice ~ the field mice kind!

Please meet:
The Twins ~ Sammy & Silas
Sammy and Silas are the sweetest mice you would ever come across in
your berry patch!  I'm sure you would forgive them
for taking a bite or two.
Each mouse is soft light cocoa mohair, fully jointed, yet stands solidly
on his own due to a wire armature in his legs.
Wool felt ears and wired tails.
SAMMY ~ Both Mices wear a sweet sailor outfits stitched from
antique homespun linen.  (Just the greatest fabric!)
(I think this photo shows the mohair color the best and the linen
is a little less white!)

Each comes with a linen strawberry !
7" of sweetness!!
$235.00 each
$8.00 ship
Please specify
Please email to purchase:

It's a have a bowl of strawberries kinda day!
Lori Ann


Kays Kids said...

Your little mice are a joy to see.

Elizabeth said...

Love love Love your sweet mice, their outfits are delightful and the strawberries so sweet - just perfect.