Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Happy Wednesday to you!

Please meet:
A Day at the Beach
Lazy day's at the beach and summer fun in the sun!
Not for me right now, but this little mouse is 
having a grand time playing in the sand, tossing his beach ball 
and showing off his new swimming suit!
Mouse is created from pretty taupe mohair, with glass eyes and wool felt
ears and tail. He is fully jointed and free standing at about 7" 
due to a wire armature in his legs.
Mouse wears an olde style swimsuit of navy stripe knit with wee buttons
at the shoulders.  His beach ball is hand dyed wool with feather stitching.
This little mouse would love to build sandcastles with you!

 Remember to play!
Lori Ann


Elizabeth said...

He's perfect as always, just love his sweet little nose and his lovely outfit.

bear's house said...

FANTASTIC!!! Have a great week.

Ronnie said...

Your creations are wonderful!

Наталья Кириллова said...

So cute, so beautiful! Amazing work :)

By Thy Hands Tinkerings said...

So sweet Lori!!