Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wednesday again?

hello . . .
My, how quickly Wednesday's roll around.
Many times I wish for more days in a week, or at the very least, more hours in my days!

But enough about that!
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This wee ted has decided to pause for a rest atop the largest sunflower 
in the garden.
The overall size measures about 9.5" (petal spread)
by 7" (height).
Sunny is a wee fellow of 6", created from soft black mohair.
He sits atop a hand dyed woolen sunflower.
Each of the 12 petals is lined with a reproduction civil war cotton.
Petals are attached to a nicely weighted woolen tuffet base.
The center of the sunflower is another tuffet of wool that is feather stitched and beaded.
A tiny tuffet sunflower fob is attached with a black cord.
Sunny wears a ruff of vintage ribbon.
ship $14.00

Have a "SUNNY" day!
Lori Ann


bayrayschild said...


Audrey =)

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

I love this wee fellow on a sunflower.

Kate Gillery said...

Just Beautiful Lori.. your work is outstanding!

Lana Manis said...

Wonderful! Lori Ann, I am always impressed with you designs... AND the detail to attention... even the tiniest of things... which makes everything amazing. :)