Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Feeling quite Batty!

The days before a show are a bit like living in a bat cave!
I spend most waking hours in the studio, emerging
only for food or drink and usually leaving a trail of threads,
stuffing and fuzz behind me!

To this end please meet:

Should you like to purchase please email:
Batty is a sweet wee bat of soft black rayon with wool felt ears, nose and 
wing lining. His head is jointed and his wings wired. Batty has wee wire toes
and is weighted nicely with steel shot.
He wears the sweetest little Halloween hat created
from vintage crepe, ribbons and Dresden trim.
4.5" to ear tip, 5.5" to hat tip.

Don't Worry . . .  Be Batty!
Lori Ann
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

If you are in the area . . . 
Please join me Saturday, Sept. 12th. in Napa, CA 
The American Folk Art Festival!
details here!

1 comment:

tj said...

...Okay. Seriously, I am simply batty over Little Batty! Just too cute! Your creativity never ceases to amaze Lori Ann! ;o)

...And please remember to take naps too! I know that you're probably operating on full throttle so please be sure to rest every so often.

...And thank you Lori Ann for responding to my inquiry regarding your method on shading. I finished a bear some time ago and tried my hand at shading using colored pencils. While I was somewhat happy with my first attempt, I questioned the longevity of this method so that is why I asked. Again, thank you for sharing! :o)

...Have a lovely rest o' the day!

...Peace & blessings. :o)