Saturday, November 28, 2015

An online show is coming . . .

Hello friends . . .
Click here for the show!
An online show is planned for  Sunday ~ December 6th.  ~ 8pm EST
New pieces will be posted at 8pm and sold via email.

~ December 6th. is appropriately Saint Nicholas Day ~

I love traditions . . .  so here's a wee bit of history.
St. Nicholas, a legendary figure was derived from Nicholas of Myra, a kind bishop of
4th. century Greece who developed a reputation for gift-giving. 
It is said he often put coins into other peoples shoes.
This led to many traditions world wide of putting gifts into shoes, boots or stockings.

Many Europeans who immigrated to the United States brought with them the beliefs and customs associated with St. Nicholas Day, many of these customs have become our traditions as well. Celebrations of St. Nicholas Day in New York were recorded in the early 1800's, tho they may have begun much sooner.
St. Nicholas has been known by many names throughout Europe and in our own country. Sinterklaas, Nikolausin, Nikolaus and Sante Claus to name but a few, but each name simply means,
 "bringer of gifts".

May these days leading up to Christmas bring you the best gifts of:
Peace, Joy, & Love.

Lori Ann


Joyce Mayer said...

Love this post, thank you for sharing. It's wonderful to hear about traditions past and present.

Happy Weekend.

Myra said...

How interesting. Learning never ends. Seeing my name is Myra it's
even more intriguing .... thank you.