Thursday, September 29, 2016

thank you . . .

Once again I offer my humble thanks to all of you!
What an amazing adventure the Ghoultide Gathering was.
From the beginning transformation of a simple pole barn to the 
magical experience Ghoultide has become in a mere 10 years.
Thank you . . . .
But . . .  as they say, "no moss grows on rolling stone"!
It's time to hunker down in the studio once again. 
A fast switch is needed to create more traditional &winter holiday items. 
Such is my world ~ Halloween is yet a month away yet
I need to get my brain wrapped around winter squirrels, Santas and warm fuzzies!
Next up on the agenda is the lovely FROM OUR HANDS show!
Won't you join us?
Oh . . .  & last but no least ~ I'm finishing up a last few Halloween pieces
and will offer those for sale on:
 Sunday evening ~ October 2 
On the "gallery" page of this blog!

Ever yours,
Lori Ann

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