Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hello Wednesday!

Welcome . . .
Tis almost December.  The studio is now filled to the brim with holiday
bits of all sorts. Woolens for scarves and greens to much here and there.
A happy place that makes me smile!
Lori Ann

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Poor Fin . . . he doesn't have a sled, BUT he has the next best thing! 
An antique red metal wheelbarrow!  Fin is a sweet 6" teddy of soft golden mohair. 
 Fully jointed and nicely weighted with steel shot, he wears a scarf of 
hand dyed wool and has tiny bells down his tummy.
Fin is nestled into his lovely little wheelbarrow along with some
Christmas greens, antique ornaments and a candy cane.
What more could a boy want?
Wheelbarrow is about 8" long overall.
ship $8.00


Debora Hoffmann said...

LOVE Fin, Lori Ann! :)

susan hemann said...

wonderful and I love the red wagon!