Saturday, July 28, 2018

A Summer Saturday . . .

Hello Friends,
We have woken to some cooler mornings lately and they are quite welcome,
tho it means summer may be waning.
These mornings make me dream of fall.
Spring and fall are my favorite seasons, Summer and Winter I could easily do without.
But . . . these things we cannot choose and I'm sure there are some
hot and humid days still to come in August. 
For now at least in the early hours, I'll throw on my sweatshirt,
head out with Abbey Lane and pretend.
Speaking of Miss Abbey Lane . . . 
No matter the weather,
she sure does know how to relax and enjoy a weekend morning!
In the studio . . .  a kind thank you to all who stopped by my last web show. 
I am always humbled by your enthusiasm and kind comments. 
I'm finally getting to the business of sorting and cleaning in the studio. 
(It's only taken 3 years, since I thought I would get this done, 
but life kept getting in the way.)
When I tire of sorting, (I have gone thru every single button I own!), I sit down and 
work on new patterns or refine a past one. I'm excited to make some changes in pieces 
and work towards my fall shows. 
I will have some pieces available online as well, but I can't say just when.
On this business of "studio sorting" . . . 
I'll be adding items to the Mercantile that maybe some of you can use I
n your own creating.  A studio "de-stash" of sorts.
Hopefully in the next week or so, but I'll need to photograph everything first.

Enjoy a lazy, hazy day . . .
Lori Ann

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Heather said...

Ohhh that pretty pup is livin' the life! And what beautiful things you create! :D