Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Garden Grows . . . .

Well . . . the fence went up with only a couple of tiny glitches!  It felt great when we turned the first corner!  And even better to see it complete!
THEN . . . building the raised beds began.  NOT easy work, but between my husband Michael and son Eddie . .  engineer and brawn . . . they turned out fantasticl!
We also used rabbit fencing on the inside of the fence . . ok, I make rabbits for a living, and I love them, BUT . .  I'm not pleased when ther are munching everything in my garden!!
Next is layering the beds . .  pea gravel for drainage, older top soil from part of the center garden.  New top soil worked in & of course some lovely  compost too!
We are all sooooo sore & sunburned, but as we see the garden begin to take shape, it's all worth it!


The French Bear said...

Wow! That looks fabulous!! I wish it wasn't snowing here so I could go outside!!! Good job! I love it, can't wait to see how the garden grows!!!
Take care,
Margaret B

Christine LeFever said...

That is a perfectly adorable garden and fence! Ah yes, I remember the rabbits in our yard in Lynchburg, Ohio. They are charming, but of course, one does not wish for them to find such a garden as yours. Out here in Oregon, I never see rabbits, but then, I live in a city. My only pests here are squirrels and I feed them. Hahahahaha!

Christine ~ Zwee!!!!!!!!

Nancy said...

That is totally amazing! Please continue to post pictures as your garden grows - would love to see what the finished layout looks like.

Heidi Steiner said...

The new garden looks amazing! You're going to have the prettiest back yard in the neighborhood.
Happy gardening-

I'm Lori Ann said...

THANKS everyone!!
For your great comments!!
Lori Ann

Brenda said...

I've really enjoyed reading about your new garden - it truly will be a masterpiece! Lucky you, to have two strong, able fellows to make your dreams come true. I posted pics to my blog of the new backyard deck we added to our house and we love it, but my hubby couldn't hammer a nail in straight, if his life depended on it. I've learned you don't need to be married to a handyman, just married to someone who makes enough to hire someone else to do it! LOL! Enjoy your new garden!