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Thank you for stopping by. I truly appreciate your interest in my work.
Below please find  a bit about how pieces become available and my creative process.

Each original piece is designed & created solely by myself.  As a "one woman show" I also handle correspondence, photography, web site, social media, packaging and most other elements 
of this small creative business. 
(Bless my husband for handling shipping as that might just put me over the edge :-)
I do my best to keep everything running smoothly, but thank you in advance for your patience 
when it does not.

 Periodically,  I hold "online events" .  The pieces are often created with a theme, current season or holiday in mind. These “shows” are held on a specific date and time in my online shop. (Click "Mercantile/Shop" on this blog. This shop has a shopping cart and payment is thru pay pal. 
Even if you don't have a pay pal account, you may still purchase via pay pal using a credit card.
It is possible at times where more than one person will have an item in their cart, but it's the first to complete the check out process will "win" the item.

I realize that purchasing one of a kind items online might not be perfect, 
but this is the best I've come up with so far.

       In addition, I exhibit at one or two "physical" shows a year.  
Details of these events can be found on my “Events” page.
Sadly, during COVID in person events have been cancelled, but I hope one day
 to get back out there!
(Please join my newsletter to receive notifications of these events.)

     In 2016 I made the difficult decision to no longer accept special requests or commissions.
I spent all of that year healing from a badly broken leg, then entered 2017 tending other family 
members health issues. The recent years culminated in the January, 2020 loss of my mother.

Such a long journey makes you ponder things ~ many things, some serious and some not so. 
This "being in your head" can bring forth new and creative thoughts, yet it can also set in 
a bit of panic and worry. (I prefer the creative of course, but the other is there as well.)
One of the things I often "pondered" was my work.
After more than 34 years in business I need a little time to stitch, dream and allow my
 creative muse to lead me with a little less pressure.

I've always felt we are, in many ways finite beings. 
We get so busy and "filled up" with work, family and life that the only way to 
make room for new experiences is to let go of the things that no longer excite us.
These fond memories become a part of the history that makes us who we are, 
while the new ones shape who we are to become.

     I will, of course, continue to offer new works online as best I can and truly hope
to return to teaching small classes to share what I've learned along this journey.

     Yours creatively,  
Lori Ann


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