Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Believe . . .

Believe in the magic of the season . . . 
Peace and joy to all,
Lori Ann, Michael & Abbey Lane

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

It's Wednesday!

Hello . . .
Now that my show is behind me I'll do my best to have
an offering here on "Wild Hare Wednesday" each week.

Should you like to purchase please send an email to:
(state preferred payment method too - pay pal, credit card or check)

Dressed for the November chill, please meet:
"Joey in his Jumper"
Joey won't catch a cold this winter!
He is dressed in a custom knit, merino wool jumper. 
A woolen scarf is tied round his neck and for a
little holiday spirit a wee bell is added.
Joey is about 7.5 " tall, created from soft German mohair,
with wool felt paw pads. He is stuffed squishy and heavy 
with steel shot to nestle into your hand.
(He comes along with a vintage style brush tree!)
ship $10

Stay warm!
Lori Ann

Monday, October 28, 2019

Coming Soon!

This time of year it seems I barely emerge from the studio.
I'm not sure how I used to produce enough for multiple shows thru the year, 
my only excuse is that I'm older and my fingers are slower I guess!

I do hope you can join me on November 9th in Peninsula, Ohio
a fine folk art & antique show

Have a happy day,
Lori Ann

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Hello Wednesday . . .

Hello everyone,
Fall is most definitely here, it's sunny with a nip in the air.
Oh how I wish I could put it in my pocket 
to keep till Spring!

Enjoy today's offering.
Should you like to purchase, please send an email to:
(state payment method of Pay pal, Credit card or check)

Please meet:
Here Kitty!
"Here Kitty" is a "ghostly" and pudgy little kitten.
She is created from soft beige, wavy mohair with wool felt ear
linings and glass eyes.  Nicely weighted with Steel shot, she
will nestle gently into the palm of your hand.
Kitty wears a ruff of vintage ribbon, wee rusty bells down her belly 
and a hat created from vintage crepe and Dresden trim.
Oh yes, and she has her own we velvet pumpkin too!
About 7" tall (8" + with hat)
ship $14.00
Meowwwwww . . . 
Lori Ann

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

It's October AND it's Wednesday!

Welcome October, a most beautiful month!

Today's offering is VERY special.
A collaboration between 2 artists in very different mediums.
Enjoy this link to see all the fine detail that goes into
Richard Grell's miniature Windsor chairs.
Simply amazing.

Should you like to purchase please send an email to:
(state preferred payment method, pay pal, Credit card or check)

Rusty Bear In Aged Black Chair
"Bears & Hares in Chairs" Series
Complementing each other perfectly for the fall season are a
6" teddy of hand dyed mohair and a beautifully handcrafted 
miniature Windsor chair.
Rusty Bear has wool felt paw pads, a Perle cotton nose and is 
nicely weighted with steel shot. He wears a custom hat
of crepe paper and Dresden trim plus a ruff of vintage ribbon.
A wee black pumpkin is nestled alongside of him.
The chair is a "comb back" style Windsor chair, completely 
handcrafted by Richard Grell. Each turned leg and carved knuckle
created using the smallest of tools and the greatest precision.
The painted finish is true to the antique style of a full size chair.
Complete set:
ship $18.00

Wishing you a most color-filled October,
Lori Ann

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

The first Wednesday of FALL . . .

Happy Fall to you.
What a glorious season fall is, the crisp air just wakes you up
and the colors are so inspiring.
I truly love this time of year!

Thank you for stopping by, should you like to purchase 
please send an email with name or number to:
(please also state preferred payment method, pay pal, CC or check)

Please meet the
First email will receive #1 - Second email #2
THE BOO BROTHERS ~ are sweet 6" teddies.
Created in a panda style of hand dyed mohair in perfect fall colors.
Wool felt paws, ruffs of vintage ribbon and hand crafted
custom hats. Each comes with a wee woolen pumpkin.
Nicely weighted too!

May you have a beautiful fall season,
Lori Ann

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

It's Wednesday . . . (again!)

Hello and welcome!
The air is crisp and dewy this morning signaling 
the coming of fall. 
If only we could hold onto this season a bit longer.

Should you like to purchase todays' offering,
please send an email to:
(State payment method as well, pay pal, Credit card or check.)

Please meet:
Guarding The Pumpkin
"Guarding The Pumpkin"
This wee fellow has found the perfect pumpkin, but a fuzzy little
mouse is hoping for a nibble! 
A 5.5"  jointed teddy of German viscose sits atop a hand dyed
velvet pumpkin pincushion.  The leaves are created from antique
army blanket wool and wire tendrils curl 'round.
Teddy wears a ruff of vintage ribbon, leaning back as to claim
this pumpkin as his own.
Maybe they can share and become fall friends - perfect!
ship $14.00

Happy Fall ~ It's Almost Here!
Lori Ann

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Another Manic Wednesday . . .

Hello and Welcome!
I'm down to the wire today, finishing my offerings this morning
after being a bit sleepy last night.
Then photos and loading it's now 11:46 and I'm rushing!
But they are here and it's TWINS!!!
(ps: camera angles are tricky . . . each photo almost makes each one look different or alike!)

Should you like to purchase, please send an email to:
(state payment method as well please, pay pal, CC or check ;-)

Because I have TWINS . . . 
The best way to do this is first emails gets #1
Second email gets #2

Please meet the twins:
Rusty & Copper
Rusty & Copper are sweet 8" teddies of lovely hand dyed mohair!
Each is  fully jointed, weighted nicely with steel shot, has wool felt paws 
and glass eyes. They boys we are pants of a wonderful early cotton with 
leather suspenders and teeny metal buttons. A ruff of vintage ribbon
encircles each neck. To top it all off each wears a paper hat of vintage
crepe paper, decorated with cotton and crepe.  A tiny black velvet pumpkin will
accompany each teddy!
Yay for cooler days . . . tho we've a few hot ones to get thru!
Lori Ann