Sunday, May 3, 2009

Little Seaside Mouse . . .

 SO much for modesty . .  this shy little mouse is pictured full page in the summer issue of "Teddy Bear & Friends" magazine . . .  in his swimsuit nonetheless!  
Oh my . .  to have the whole world see you in your "swimmies" . . . I think he is a very brave mouse indeed!   
Imagine his surprise when he expected just a little tiny picture and maybe a mention in a larger article. But . . . he put on a brave face, donned his paper hat & held a starfish in front of his tummy pooch so the world could not see that he ate a few too many seeds this past winter!

1 comment:

Heidi Steiner said...

Yahoo Lori Ann!
Little mouse is the sweetest skinny dipper I've ever seen.