Wednesday, May 20, 2009

ANd . . the work begins !

This is my "New Project" in the garden.  Even tho my creaky body argues with me about all the work a garden takes . .  my soul can't help but be calmed by the visions, scents and sounds of a beautiful outdoor room.

I had this idea last year and it just never materialized . . . . I have always wanted a "Colonial Style" kitchen garden.  Complete with raised beds and gravel paths, herbs, vegetables, flowers.  Somewhere to go pick the evenings dinner . .  and walk a few steps back to the kitchen.
The first pic is an old "island" garden that while pretty when in bloom I really never liked the lump in the back yard . . .  so we decided to use the garden girl statue as a center and begin . . . . 

We hired a man with a power post hole digger to dig the holes!  Smart..huh?  We weren't even going to attempt it in our dirt!
Then the raising of the fence began . . . .  stay tuned as we round the corners and build the beds . . . .
I'm incorporating an antique gate too!

Lori Ann

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