Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kitchen Garden , I Can't Help Myself . . . .

Once the Kitchen Garden was built, I thought "Hmmm . . . we need a nice stone pathway to connect the garden to the house".
My son came once again for a couple days of HARD work! At first when you are picking out great stones and loading them onto a trailer it doesn't seem so bad . . . but once you are unloading them and setting them into dense rocky ground you wonder whose silly idea THAT was.
Placing the stones was quite like putting together a puzzle, but one that has lots of combinations. My husband is good at Puzzles ! Our challenge was that our last deck step has always been a bit high so we had to work this on a little slope to make a more pleasing step from the deck to the walk. The worst part was digging up nasty dense sod and setting the stones in as level as possible. Of course we picked the 2 hottest days of the week . . 85 degrees! Lots of water for all three of us!!
The stones are in a limestone sand base that wil eventually turn concrete like . . I hope! Then topped with pea gravel which will settle in too.
Day 2 Eddie and I went to a great garden center to purchase all varieties of low growing tyme and irish moss to plant in between the stones. This will fill in eventually and can be walked upon too. Of course I still need more tyme . . . Doesn't everyone?
So . . . maybe this weekend I will head out to find more tyme . . . we will be edgin the whole path with "stepables" like tyme and moss so that the edges finally are obscured with the lawn.
For today . . . Back to work!!! I need to finish my pieces for "The Best We Can Do " web show tomorrow!!!

Lori Ann


The French Bear said...

Your garden is beautiful. What a lot of work! How do you manage to sew and do all that? I know I am up at weird hours making things, but I thought everyone else was sleeping!!! You must be up too!!
Margaret B

MaryMade said...

Your garden looks wonderful! I'm working on a flower garden in front of my home but it's going much more slowly than yours.

One thing does lead to another, doesn't it? The stone pathway is a beautiful touch.

tj said...

...Oh girl, you have been bitten! Just surrender now, you can't fight it, it never ends... :o)

...That walkway is beautiful! I am getting ready to do the same thing but with old bricks and I too just bought some thyme to place in another old brick sidewalk we have - I love how that looks and how it smells when you tread upon it. Now if they could just sell "time" at the Garden Center - we all could use more of that, no? lol... ;o)

...Happy Creating & Blessings too...

I'm Lori Ann said...

Thanks everyone!!
If you see "TIME" for sale let me know!!

Heidi Steiner said...

Oh, How I'd LOVE to tip toe down that garden path!!

CBP said...

Hey Lori Ann~
Your garden is so pretty!! And if you find a place where you can buy some "Time" sure to blog about it~ Haha!
Best wishes,
Cathy~The Cheswick Company

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh.... this is exactly what i was trying to explain to my husband.... must send him a link! We don't get have a veggie garden, and it will have to be enclosed from the deer... love the path, the fence, everything!!!!!