Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Clean Up Begins!

Everyone who has ever seen my studio has seen it in "clean mode". This is what you do when you are having company and your studio is in your home. (Well . . most of the time anyway!)

BUT . . . this is the true aftermath when I've been working furiously for a show. It gets to the point that even the dog has a hard time finding a place to lie down and stretch out. I keep thinking I can't work like this, I should clean up, but there is no time, so I keep working in chaos. But maybe too, that is what fuels the ideas . . who knows.

Then . . the show is over , the adrenalin drops and I look in and say . . . gads . . who made this mess in my studio??? As with "other happenings" in the house . . we blame it on the dog !

So . the clean up begins . . it's time to focus on orders and somehow I must to begin Halloween pieces right now as it will be a busy fall this year!!
Scarf 'round head, mop bucket in hand . . . I go into the depths to clean!!

OH . . and look . . . this poor little bunny got set on the floor behind me and I forgot to finish him! He is actually a soft denim blue with red ear linings and pads. He's about 12" to ear tips. If anyone is interested in him email me & I can finish him off to your liking!

He is now off to a new home!! Thank you!!!

Lori Ann


tj said...

...Oh girl, I so feel your pain! lol... Isn't it funny how everything can be strewn about but yet you still know where everything is? :o)

...Well, as you embark into the depths of organization and clean-up just remember, drink plenty of fluids, take breaks, keep your chin up and chest out and when it's all said and done you'll be delighted with that studio of yours once more... And btw, a lil' wine and chocolate never hurt ;o)

...Oh and one more thing, I saw that lil' "eaglet" that you made and I am just beside myself Lori Ann - simply adorable! :o)

...Have a great weekend and blessings too...

Anonymous said...

egads!!! What is this mess??? Surely you jest my dear!! We know it can only be the doggies! xoxxoxN

Louise Peers said...

Good grief !!!! lol ,ha ha . Do you know I was going to ask you what happened to the bunny with red ear linings as I spotted he wasnt on the web show ,now I know :)
Wonderful show as always .
hugs .....