Friday, July 17, 2009

Gardening . . . a learning experience!

As promised . . . an update on the kitchen garden.

We have come a long way . . . made some mistakes, had a few heartbreaks, learned some lessons both what to do and what not to do. BUT . . we are beginning to enjoy some delicious veggies!

Lesson #1 . . . don't trust a tag that says "Bush pickle" ! HA . . . the darned thing is trailing all over, up and down and reaching out to hold hands with everyone in the garden!

Lesson #2 . . . We are still trying to figure out exactly what 1" of water a week means ! (every plant has it's own idea and thirst level) .

Lesson #3 . . . if at first it doesn't grow . . try again, water more, water less , move it or yank it out and plant another . . . or POUT !

Tip from an old gardening pro . . . . EPSOM SALTS ! Who knew???

Enjoy the pics . . . so far we have enjoyed some nice tomatoes, pickles, little fingers eggplant, nasturtiums in a salad, patty pan squash (one of my favorites!) and yes, for some spice, jalapenos! I can't wait till the butternut squash is ready . . another favorite!

See how busy that little "bottoms up" bee is! ? I know just how he feels!

The sad note is that for some reason Zucchini does not like my garden! But . . I'm not giving up on the poor little things! Of all the darned easy to grow veggies . . this is the one who is our problem child!

Enjoy . . . . and remember to eat your veggies!
Lori Ann


Life is good! said...

beautiful garden! i love taking a piece of brown dirt and watching the beautiful plants grow from it. my zuchinnis, cucumbers are going crazy!

tj said...

...Your garden looks absolutely fantastic! It looks like it's right out of a magazine...seriously. :o)

...We've yet to get any tomatoes, they're on the vine but not ripe yet. We got 'em out a lil' too late but patience is a virtue, right? lol...

...Congrat's on the successful garden!

...Blessings... :o)

Christine LeFever said...

Lori Ann, that is a beautiful garden! And speaking of that busy bee, once upon a time, Christé Crocker sold to me an adorable bee doll dressed in a white gauze skirt. Of course, down through the years, I managed to sell the little creation. I cannot imagine that you would ever create a bee along with your wonderful whimsies, but... if anyone could pull it off as beautifully as Ms. Crocker did, that would be you!


Christine ~ Zwee!!!!!!

Gwendie said...

I love your little garden but what in the world do you do with Epsom salts? I got my garden in quite late this year but the tomatoes are at least blooming. Wish them luck!

Heidi Steiner said...

Lori your garden is deliciously beautiful!

I'm Lori Ann said...

Thanks everyone . . so glad you are enjoying the pictures!!
For those of you wondering about epsom salts in the garden . . . .
check out the link.
Happy growing,
Lori Ann