Friday, July 3, 2009

A Happy Fourth Of July To All !

We have had company visiting from overseas. My brother in law teaches for the DOD and we see him and his wife for too short a time every 2 years. We all took off for a quick jaunt and without thinking it really turned out to be a very "Fourth of July" kind of trip!

First we went to the Airforce museum in Dayton, Ohio . . . . Of course I took most of my pictures in the "early years" exhibit. (I guess that's the antique buff in me!) We were also able to walk through a few of the early "Air Force One" planes from past Presidencies such as Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy etc. . . . Very interesting.

Then we spent the night at the "Simon Kenton Inn" near Urbana Ohio. Simon Kenton was one of the earliest setlers of Ohio along with the likes of Johnny Appleseed and Daniel Boone. If ever you are looking for a wonderful place to stay . . . Theresa the host and owner is amazing!

The next morning as we headed home we decided to show Michael's brother and his wife the "Field of Concrete Corn" near Dublin ohio.

Now . . what is more "American" than the Airforce Museum, an Historic inn and Concrete Corn ???

I hope your day is filled with much pride in this wonderful country and world of ours!!

Lori Ann


Mary L said...

Hi LoriAnn,

Your blog came up on the next blog when I hit the button. It's a really nice blog and wanted to let you know that. I've been to the museum in Dayton years ago. It's such a nice place. Thanks for sharing a few pictures from there.

Lisa said...

Happy 4th of July! Thanks for the tour!
Hugs, Lisa

tj said...

...That sounds like fun! That old house is just to die for and what is the purpose behind the concrete corn? Does it mean something or is it just for folks to say, "oh look, concrete corn!" lol... ;o)

...Thanks for sharing your trip and have a safe and happy Independence Day!

...Blessings... :o)

Heidi Steiner said...

Happy 4th to you and Michael!

I'm Lori Ann said...

Hi all . . thanks for the comments . . .
here is "Why" concrete corn!
This field of 109 ears of concrete corn was "planted" as a public arts project in 1994. It was designed by Malcolm Cochran as a tribute to Sam Frantz. Mr. Frantz originally farmed the land from the 1930's through 1960's. He also used this land to develop and test different hybrids of corn. Eventually as the suburb grew, the farm land was replaced with office buildings. This park harkens back to what once was here, complete with the original Osage Orange trees that Frantz planted as a fence row.
There are several plaques describing the history of the area, and the reason for the concrete corn.

Lori Ann