Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What's Next ???

Christmas in August!!

I'm off to California to attend the "Golden Glow of Christmas Past" convention. This group collects antique and vintage Christmas, Halloween and other holiday treasures and once a year they hold a days long convention filled with sharing and selling and fun!
There is room hopping in which you go from hotel room to hotel room to purchase wonderful holiday items. A bit like a treasure hunt! There will be a Christkindle market with artist wares and an antique sale and a "museum room" set up with personal collections to drool over! AND . . much camraderie too!

The "Best We Can Do" group of Scott Smith, Nicol Sayre , Paul Gordon and I will be selling from one hotel room Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. We will each have a table at the Christkindle market as well.

If you live in the area there may still be time to join "The Golden Glow" and attend! Find all the details on their website!

Lori Ann

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Heidi Steiner said...

Hi Lori-
Wishing you a holly jolly time!
Jingle all the way and have a wonderful trip.......