Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Garden Visitors

Well . . . what can I say about a "rabbit proof fence" that isn't?

We have a few new additions to our kitchen garden. Not only are we growing some wonderful eggplant, tomatoes and luscious lemon cucumbers. (pictured) But we are raising the sweetest baby bunnies now. Of course they are just too sweet to shoo away and mama made their nest and burrow right in and beneath my iris. I have not seen her, but as I go out each day to water, the little ones scurry beneath the plants. At the moment they don't seem to be eating much. My guess is tho . . that as soon as I plant lettuce and the cooler crops, they will find plenty to munch on.
What's a soft hearted bunny maker to do ? I wish I could take them inside to reside in my studio and keep me company, or maybe they would invite me down their rabbit hole for some fantastical adventure ! Alas, for now we just visit, they tell me their little secrets and dreams and their wish for a nice lettuce crop adn maybe some carrots (?).
Enjoy a few pictures of the bunnies (there are 3). and of the nicely bearing veggies in the garden. Included are Little fingers eggplant, Regular eggplant, Black Russian tomatoes, Jalapenos and a beautiful Lemon Cucumber! These are great . . very mild! Yum!!
Oh . . and the sweetest little clematis blooms too!

Happy Harvest,
Lori Ann


Heidi Steiner said...

WOW! Your garden is scrumptious!!!! The baby bunnies are adorable and are the perfect garden visitors........they surely knew they'd be very welcomed in your garden. I'm expecting to see sweet little hats on the bunnies in the days to come. :)

Louise Peers said...

Dont know how you find the time to grow all those yummy veggies !
I had a family of wild baby bunnies a few years back ,we had two pet girl rabbits and one escaped from her open outdoor pen ,she wasnt gone long but came back pregnant ,ha ha .Lived in the countryside back then with lots of fields.It was fun watching them grow up :)
Louise x