Friday, October 30, 2009


Tuesday, October 27 . . . . . this day began as any other, but by the end of the night I was truly "feeling the music" and (almost) speechless.
You see . . we attended a concert by the brilliant "master of chansons", writer & poet the great LEONARD COHEN. I am still without proper words to describe the night . . . I have been to great concerts before, But I don't remember feeling so in awe.

This man of 75 years, dressed in a fine suit & Fedora held us all rapt as he sang. He knelt to "sing to" band member (Javier Mas) then popped up like a 20 year old. As he recited poetry the theatre was so still. The whole evening was mesmerizing . . . until at last he skipped off the stage.
Then . . . he was back . . . 4 encores & we could have listened to 400!

This man is truly gracious in his appreciation of the "unsung heroes" in his band, introducing them each, not once, but 2 times during the evening. These band members are some of the most individually talented musicians I have ever heard.
Together they created a night of true musical magic!

If you are not familiar with LEONARD COHEN . . . . take a peek and a listen !

Thank you, my dear husband for a wonderful early Christmas present!

Lori Ann

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