Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween . . Long , long ago . . .

I hope everyone had a very fun Halloween!
Here in our neighborhood the leaves were rustling just so as the little goblins ran up and down the street collecting their goodies! We did our best to help fill their sacks!

Of course this all made me remember a time long...long...LONG!!! . . . Ago when as a young 20-something year old I made matching Halloween costumes for a friend and myself ! Was it working with this fake fur back then that brought me to my present occupation ?

Looking back . . . what were we thinking? Real chicken bones in our hair, tights stuffed and stitched between our toes . . real dirt on our faces . . . but we had fun . . . and in life you just gotta laugh . . . right ?
So have a laugh at my expense . . . I hope I never look like this again!

Happy Halloween to all!!

Lori Ann

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tj said...

...Oh my, is that not the coolest get-up I've ever seen?! lol... And yes, I agree that if that costume didn't open a door to your present success as an artisan it at least opened a window... ;o)

...Hope your Halloween was spooktacular! :o)