Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Little Sad . . .

I'm feeling a little sad this week as we begin to put the kitchen garden to sleep. Where once there were lush plants bearing yummy vegetables, now we have the beginnings of mini compost piles.
I so enjoyed the new garden this year, that I will miss her terribly. Luckily we do have bags of frozen tomatoes, jars of refrigerator pickles, frozen roasted peppers and more to enjoy this fall and winter and many memories.
But . . . I will miss those eggplant!! No real way to preserve them.

As we say good night to the garden, let me leave you with one of our favorite summer dinners. (Tho it's just as good in the winter!)

We call them "Stacks" !

(Makes enough for 2 people for dinner or 3-4 as sides)

Slice one large eggplant into 3/8" slices, and rub or spritz with olive oil.
Grill slices on both sides until soft.
Meanwhile slice about 2 tomatoes into similar slices
Slice a ball of soft mozzarella into 1/4" slices. (Trader Joes sells "medallions" which makes it easy!)
Wash some nice leaves of basil, either 10-15 small leaves or larger ones cut up.
On a foil lined pan (that can go back into the grill) . . . .
Lie out about 6 slices of eggplant, top each with a tomato slice, basil and mozzarella, add another eggplant slice, tomato, basil and top with mozzarella.
Pop back into the grill until the cheese melts! Yum!!
Drizzle with a Balsamic glaze or reduction.

Serve with Crusty multigrain bread and a luscious red wine such as Shiraz or Cabernet!
(Try Molly Dooker "2 Left Feet" or Layer Cake - Shiraz or Primitivo !)

Bon Appetit!
Lori Ann


Lisa said...

Oh my your veggies look amazing! What a great garden you have! Enjoy your canned yummies until your garden blooms again!
Hugs, Lisa

Heidi Steiner said...

Well, pin a rose on my nose! I'm just going to have to call you Betty Crocker! And add cooking to your list of accomplishmnents. If I were closer.......I'd come right over and grab a jar of those pickles. I love homemade pickles and I'm sure your's are very tasty.

Mary said...

Hi Lori, I noticed the eggplants in the photo, this was my first year too with a big garden. I have no idea what kind they were, I thought I planted the big round ones. What are these long thin ones and can you use the same recipes as the big fat ones? Thanks for any assistance with this as I waited most of the summer thinking they were getting bigger and of course they never did!


I'm Lori Ann said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!
The little eggplants are called "Little fingers" ! We had both kinds. You can use them just like any eggplant. I did make a casserole that had many of the same ingredients as the stacks, and it was great. I just sliced them longwise and layered them kind of like lasagna. Mary . try to google "little fingers eggplant" and I'm sure you'll find some great recipes!

Lori Ann