Friday, March 12, 2010

Kitchen Garden 2010 - Day one!

Many of you followed the building of our "Colonial Style" Kitchen Garden last year. (See the May 2009 blog posts ). I'm so happy that the actual building is done and this year it's all about planting and learning from last year!
It's amazing . . . just about 4 weeks ago on February 11th. I posted a picture of the garden under a cover of SNOW ! Now we are seeing bits of green, signs of life and signs of spring to come!
We have had 2 beautiful spring days here and I couldn't resist getting out there to stick a finger or two in the dirt! I have the kitchen garden all cleaned out and even a few seeds in the ground. We need a bit of compost and soil to top off the beds and I can hardly wait till I can begin planting veggies! I can almost taste them now!
Clean up takes a while . . . we have these big Dawn Redwoods across the back yard that blanket the lawn and beds in the softest needles and branches, but they must be raked up so as not to smother everything. I am finding muscles that winter made me forget I had!
There was a good thing about that winter snow! Here in Ohio rosemary won't over winter BUT the rosemary I had in a pot on the deck is still alive! The snow acted as an insulator . . YAY!
Now . . . . I am still waiting for the fence to turn grey . . . patience . . . patience . . . :-)
Lori Ann

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Heidi Steiner said...

Wake Up little garden..........
Wake Up!