Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sewing treasure . . .

Very seldom am I at a loss for words, but last month was quite busy and this month seems to be the same. Our snow is melting a bit so nothing exciting there to take a picture of except the muck along the roads! Nothing finished in the studio so no interesting picture there either!
Sooooo . . . whenever I find myself at a loss for a post I'll share with you pictures of some of my antique sewing boxes, tread holders, pincushions, and other fun collections! A picture at a time and I should be blogging for a very long time!
This tramp art sewing box I found a few years back here in Ohio. Someone lovingly made it for "Eleanor" Oh , he must have loved her so . . see the 2 heart shaped velvet pincushions on top!

Lori Ann


Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

lucky girl, that Eleanor...
and You as well, for 'inhereting' this beautiful treasure!
I collect sewing-related things too!!!

Blessed be~

Lisa said...

Very nice! I don't sew but I love sewing items. My mother and one grand mother was always sewing when I was a child. I have tried but machine wokr is not for me!! LOVE pin cushions though!
Hugs, Lisa

The French Bear said...

Lori Ann, I love your vintage sewing tools, you have the coolest things!!!
I just love when you have bunnies and bears in a sewing basket, I can never find old sewing baskets.... I am always looking. Maybe I will have the Dutchman build me one!! How are things going? I am sure you are busy making Easter bunnies!!!! My Lupus is trying to get the best of me but I am trying to fight back, I finely feel well enough to get sewing again!
Have a nice week!!!
Margaret B

Anonymous said...

You know how many times I've tried to sneak this into my suitcase! I love it! xox N

Lana of Honeysuckle Lane said...

What a beautiful sewing box! I enjoy seeing your treasures Lori.

Morna said...

What a lovely sewing box! A treasure.