Friday, April 9, 2010

Chocolate rabbits . . .

Easter is over now, but chocolate rabbits are still quite plentiful in my studio.
I'm working on 5 at once, each a different size or style.
It seems "chocolate" is one of my favorite rabbit colors . . . or should I say flavor ??
Hmmmm . . . I wonder why ;-)

Lori Ann


tj said...

...Gosh, even in pieces they're still cute! lol... :o)

...Oh I so agree about chocolate! Bunnies, bars, chips, you name it - YUM! :oP

...Have a great weekend and blessings too... :o)

The French Bear said...

Awww, Lori Ann, they look so cute. I am sorry I missed out on your sale, maybe there's still a chocolate bunny left for me!!!!
I am so glad everything went great, I loved the hen, she was sweet!
It was all gorgeous, you amaze me!!!!
Margaret B

Doreen said...

What a wonderful photo...I just love the two small one's seated day I am determined to own one of your wonderful creations!!!

Wishing you a lovely day,

William Bezek said...

Very "Mad Scientist" of you, all those wascally wabbit parts!