Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter . .

May you all enjoy a lovely Easter day with those you love.

Lori Ann


Lisa said...

Happy Easter!
Hugs, Lisa

Lori said...

and may you, too , enjoy the Holiday...
Blessed be!

tj said...

...Happy Easter to you and yours Lori Ann!

...Blessings too... :o)

The French Bear said...

Lori Anne,
Hope you are having a nice Easter and a great weekend.
Glad to hear the sale went well, everything looked really sweet, I loved the rabbit couple, what a lot of work you put into them. They are absolutely gorgeous!!! I almost forgot to check in, I was busy doing inventory... at least it's over now.
Your work is just fabulous, I love the detail and the love you put in each piece. You are a master for sure!!!!
Margaret B

Theresa said...

Happy Easter!!!

Doreen said...

A Joyous ...albeit belated...Easter to you Lori Ann.