Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring blossoms . . .

It's a happy time . . . the weather has been beautiful in Ohio and all my spring blooming trees are in their full glory! I am amazed at this display . . . like a painting outside my own door!
Yes, I am usually a little sad to see the red buds and dogwoods lose their color . . . but a day like today reminds me that they will return again each year!
If you look closely you can see pink dogwood, redbud, lilac, pear and crab.
(and yes . . . . I'm still waiting for the kitchen garden fence to weather like the main fence! . . patience is not my strong point!)

Lori Ann


Lori said...


Possible Impossibilities Studio said...

Love all the picket fencing. :-)

Morna said...

Soooo pretty!

The Blackwood Cottage said...

Beautiful Posts! Love the bears, bunnies and your blog design.