Monday, May 24, 2010

Business & Pleasure intertwined . . .

Last week I headed to Minneapolis for Quilt Market and what fun I had !
Quilt Market is a trade show packed with fabric companies, needlework suppliers and vendors of all sorts related to sewing and quilting.
I had not been in quite a few years so it was an inspiring and fun trip. I met up with friends Melissa Becker and Sue Spargo who were working Sue's booth. You might remember them both as teachers from my "Workt By Hand" post.
Sue was selling her quilt books, patterns and her wonderful new book that is in French and English. She travels extensively teaching and sharing her needle arts. Just look at the detail on the quilt top pictured . . . it's amazing!
I re-connected with a dear friend Jo Morton . . . when I met Jo, many years ago she was designer and creator of the most wonderful miniature quilts . . of which I am pleased to own a few. She now has a fabric line with Andover fabrics . . . her fabrics are mostly early to mid 19th. century reproductions and are BEAUTIFUL! They are about the only reproduction fabrics I use. I am honored that she has often used pieces of mine from her collections as props in her books . . . what fun!
I also got a peek at the newest fabrics coming out in Jo's line and I can't wait!!
Making new friends is wonderful too!
Through Sue I met Annie Downs . . . her work is amazingly detailed and sweet! Annie is a designer and teacher from Australia , where they also have a shop and her husband Pete hand dyes amazingly colored wools!
I wish I'd taken more photos . . . but my eyes & brain were on overload !
I did find some great new wool sources as well as some basics and trims too!

I'll post a few more pics when my box of wool, threads and catalogs arrive!

Till then check out these talented ladies above!!

Lori Ann


Michelle May said...

Oh how fun! I know you had the best time! One day I too would love to visit market. Margaret, of The French Bear, and I are good friends and we would also love to attend Workt by Hand. One day I know we will!
As always, Lori Ann, I love your work.

The French Bear said...

Hello Lori Ann,I loved the classes I took with Sue, she is such a soft spoken and sweet lady! I see Michelle has told you we are hoping to get to one of the Workt by Hand workshops!!! Maybe next year!
I still remember the photos from your rabbit sitting in the sewing box, how I loved those pictures....I think your sister was there with you!
What fun! I can only imagine all the creative ideas that came from being there!!!
Margaret B

tj said...

...Oh that looks like fun! And I do agree, that would be creativity overload! All the patterns, colors, textures, ideas - oh my... :o)

...Glad to hear you had a good time, of course, it was work related so I'm sure it was rather daunting! *wink*wink*

...Can't wait to see the new wools you purchased too.

...Blessings... :o)

Doreen said...

Good morning Lori Ann. This looks like such a fun and amazing show..and my goodness..such gorgeous fabric!!!

Wishing you a wonderful day,

Debora said...

Looks like such fun! Tell that one of your bears on the back of the book?