Thursday, May 13, 2010

Workt By Hand - A Renewal of the Spirit . . .

I've been away . . . . at a retreat!
A wonderfully creative, renewing, good for the heart & soul, time to breathe, make new friends retreat! My sister & I once again attended "Workt By Hand". A stitching retreat taught by Sue Spargo, Alice Strebel, Sally Korte & Melissa Becker. These women each bring differing yet amazing talents to the table.
Each year together they design a new "project" then they each create a model but don't see each others work until the retreat! This year the theme was , re-use, re-purpose and re-cycle and the jumping off point was 5" squares. Each teacher chose a different twist, such as "vertical", table top, hang on a wall, etc. to create around. We were handed a packet of 5" squares of wool, linen and lovely fabrics & a folder with patterns ... or we could draw our own. There really are no rules which is wonderful! 30-40 women all come up with their own ideas, colors and twists on a theme! These women travel from all over . . . Florida, Utah, Georgia, and even Australia and New Zealand.
Some may find it funny (or crazy) that my favorite break from sewing is . . . . more sewing! But, this is so different from what I do every day in solitude that it's a real treat for me! The friendships forged with these women are stitched together over years just like these stitcheries.
And . . . the time with my sister is just plain wonderful!
Bear with me and all these photos . . . I have many more..too many to post! ;-)
Photo #1 is my work . . . I seem to always use the same palate and our home is the same way!
#2 - Teacher Sally's blocks suspended from a branch
#3 - Teacher Sue's blocks ready to hang on a wall
#4 - Teacher Melissa's pillow blocks in a basket
#5 - Teacher Alice's blocks made into a lamp !
#6 - 2 more sisters
#7, #8, #9, #10 - many different color choices . . all so different!
#11 , #12 - Wool and such to purchase! Cool!
#13 - Wonderful leaves sampler by Sue . . . she uses this as a teaching tool for stitches adn techniques! Kind of a contemporary "school Girls Sampler" !
#14 - Show & Tell : Quilt of Sue Spargo design
#15 - Show & Tell : amazing hooked rug by Faith
#16 - Show & Tell : last years project of a tree by Nancy
( I really NEED to get to her quilt shop in Charlotte, MI - The Hen House) !

Well . . . that's all for today!
Lori Ann


The French Bear said...

Lori Ann, how absolutely gorgeous!!!!!! Ahhhh, I love it......I want sooooo badly to go to this workt by hand year I am hoping!!!!
I need to put everything else on hold so I can come!
I love your work, there is something so satisfying about working with wool......
Unless it's mohair....I love your Mrs. Bird and her baby!!!
Margaret B

Lori said...

Oh my Stars & Garters!!!!!
LOOK at all of that beautiful work! and colors! and faces! and such FUN!!!!

I would love to attend something like this...
where is this held Lori??

you're blessed to be able to go with your sissy...mine are all up in CT & I'm waaaayyy down here in VA...wish they would move down here with me...oh the trouble we'd get in!!!

Loved your photos, happy to know that you had such a wonderful, meaningful time...
thanks for sharing with us...make me feel good too!
~Blessed be,

Morna said...

How wonderful. I think it's a retreat I would enjoy, don't you? Your pieces are beautiful, of course! :-)

Debora said...

What a wonderful retreat! I wish there was something like that near many talented ladies! I love your piece--you must have had such fun.

Tatkis said...

What a wonderful retreat! Great works!