Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day !

I awoke today with warm thoughts of my father and of my husband who is a wonderful father and step-father. I wish I could spend the day with my dad, but he passed away in 1980 . . . it doesn't seem like 30 years ago.
It is amazing how time passes.
In looking at pictures to post . . . I guess the adage holds true that a little girl looks for a husband that is like her dad! These pics made me giggle! Oh, how we begged my father NOT to wear that shirt for a year book photo at the college where he was a coach! I know the pic is in black and white...but it was the 70's and in color it might hurt your eyes. All oranges, golds, yellows and browns. Back then I thought it was hideous . . . today I'd love to see him and that silly shirt!
Fast forward to my husband . . . and here he is about 25 years later in one of those "loud" shirts . . that I now love!
A funny thing . . . . time passes and yet it does not.

Happy Father's Day to all !
Cherish the memories and create some new ones!

Lori Ann


tj said...

...This is so sweet. Happy Father's Day to your dear hubby!

...And I did not know you had children and stepchildren - what a lovely find about you! :o)

...My father is gone too. I lost him when I was four, he died in a car accident. Sadly I don't remember him... Your father and husband both look like they were and are dear people. Funny how they both have a flair for fashion! :o)

...Enjoy your day!

...Blessings... :o)

Debora said...

What a lovely tribute!

William Bezek said...

If your Husband is anything like your Dad then he must have been one amazing fellow!