Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gardening really wears a doggie out !

Miss Lacy has been hard at work in the garden . . . she keeps an eye on me while I plant, taste tests the water before the plants get to drink and finds all the best napping spots!
I am notorious for taking many more pictures than I will ever need . . . of everything! Bless the invention of the digital camera! I do it . . . because I can! So, enjoy a "few" pictures of our back yard. The "kitchen Garden" photos will follow in a future post!

When I am focused in the garden I forget how much there is . . . seeing it thru the camera lens brings me into reality! When we moved in 7 years ago all that was growing in the back yard were a few pines and about 7 bald cypress trees across the back of the lot! I guess I've gone a little "plant happy" here . . . but I love it!
The whole perimeter of the yard is now encased in gardens, save about 4 feet that I just haven't gotten to yet! The kitchen garden is in the middle surrounded by yet more herbs and flowers. I really am running out of room!

Lori Ann


pussman said...

My dog is also very lazy when I am working in my garden!
I love the pictures! You have done a good job!
)Together with the dog);)

tj said...

...Gosh Lori Ann, your gardens are beautiful! Not a weed in sight and I love how the edges are so clean cut and perfect. It's...perfect! :o)

...And Lacy is quite the gardener I see! lol... I have the same kind of "help" here too... She's a very pretty dog! :o)

...Thanks for sharing your lovely yard and gardens. I still say if you ever gave up your career in mohair (which by the way, don't!;o), you would definitely have a career in landscape design! :o)


Jan said...

Your garden looks amazing. I love the new vegetable enclosure. I stumbled across your blog a few weeks ago. I love your work.