Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's WILD HARE WENDSDAY ! Introducing - Polka Dot

Poor Little Polka is wondering why he can't play in the garden!
Why is such a big fence needed to keep out such a little bunny he wonders.
He decided to hide under a pot of chives . . . and when she opens the gate he will sneak in !
Oh my...I'm sure he's hoping for carrots...but he won't find any there!

11" grey mohair bunny with hand appliqued dots!
Carrot of vintage velvet.
Slouchy & Heavy with steel shot.

email to purchase
$235.00 plus $10.00 ship


Connie said...

What a sweetie! He needs a happy home. Hope he is adopted!

tj said...

...Oh goodness sakes Lori Ann, how cute is that?! Girl, you outdo yourself everytime! :o)

...I just love this little one! And I love how you pictured him in front of the garden gate - cute idea... :o)

...I like this Wild Hare Wednesday idea!

...Blessin's... :o)

Johanna Parker said...

Adorable!!! :)

~ Johanna

Debora said...

SUCH a sweetie-pie! Love him in front of the garden gate, love him under the chives. Carrot's too cute, too. Sigh.

Ewe and Eye said...

Oh, I think I am in love! I want to bring him home!!