Friday, July 30, 2010

Many Thanks

Thank you . . .
To all who purchased from my web show Wednesday night . . . . to those who left such sweet comments and to all of you for your support of my creative life!

May you enjoy the rest of your summer
with a little beachy fun!

Lori Ann


The French Bear said...

Lori Ann, I am so sorry I missed it..... I haven't been feeling well, so I am kind of in a haze. Your work is so beautiful, I can see why everyone wanted something!!!!
After seeing the keeper of the garden....I am in love!!!
So glad things went so well!!!
Margaret B

William Bezek said...

Oh my Gawwddd, I love that bunny in the old fashioned bathing suit! I looked at one of those in my size but thought the kids at the lake would laugh there asses off, so I declined. I adore your references to the past, and they are always so accurate...beautiful work!

Debora said...

Aww! Seabert is my favorite. But I loved them all. Fabulous beachy creations, Lori Ann. Since we couldn't get to the beach this summer, this is the next-best thing. :o)

Robin Armstrong Seeber said...

way too cute.. gotta get me one of these one day!