Sunday, February 6, 2011

Something new and fun!!

Well . . I have had this idea up my sleeve for some bit!
It is time to clear out some things and what better way that to crete a new website!

So . . . “Old and Odd” is my new side venture!

You will find old and not so old, odd and even a few fabrics etc.
Even some lovely antiques . . . That’s the “Old” part!
Just a fun way to clear out!
Just check the website for details!
The blog will just have little ditties about old stuff !

I am also pairing up with some other great antique dealers on:
Look for me there very soon!

Yes . . I’m still making bears and rabbits . . .
but this cleaning out is a necessity we all face now and again!

Have fun!!
Lori Ann


The French Bear said...

How adventurous you are. What a great idea, I am sure people will snap up the good deals!
Margaret B

Z said...

Sounds wonderful!