Monday, May 2, 2011

A most inspiring weekend ~ Workt By Hand 2011

It may seem strange to some, but not to others, that my vacation from sewing IS sewing!
Each year my sister and I attend "Workt By Hand".
A 3 day retreat held in Tipp City Ohio.

Taught by 4 amazing needlewomen, Sue Spargo, Melissa Becker, Ali Strebel & Sally Korte
(Click their names for their websites or blogs!)
Each of these ladies brings their own special talent to share.
This years project is a pillow bolster. Each teacher creates a model
and even they don't see each others until the workshop day!
In photo 2 (top to bottom) of 4 bolster pillows they are from top to
bottom: Ali Strebel's, Sue Spargo's, Melissa Becker's and Sally Korte's.
You can see the variety on a theme that comes from different souls!
On day one we were given measurements for wool, a pattern, some embellishments
and set off to get creative. You could use a design verbatim, change it up a little or
go off on your own little path. (That's me!)
Alice, Sue, Sally and Melissa are available to teach techniques
in small break outs or one on one.

This year my personal goal was to nail down a few new embroidery stitches!
One ... the "Bullion" ... 3 years in a row I have learned this stitch only to forget it once home!
This year I think I have it!
(Top photo is my stitching practice piece).
I learned a wonderful little picot stitch as well. YAY!
You can teach this old dog a few things . . . . it just takes more time for it to sink in!

Photos from top to bottom:

My stitching practice piece
Teacher's Pillow Bolsters
Collage from class, shows individual styles!
(The tombstone angel is my sisters!)
Sue's Circles (embroidery and layering techniques!)
My project . . . Birds in earthy colors . .
I have a long way to go, but I'm enjoying the journey!

If ever you would have an opportunity to attend "Workt By Hand"
you would not be disappointed!

Lori Ann


Margaret said...

Oh you are so lucky! What beautiful work! I so want to try my hand at wool applique. The embroidery stitches i'm a bit intimidated by though. :D That's so cool that this is your vacation. I love it! I'd love it if you incorporated such things into your work somehow!

Heidi Steiner said...

These woolen wonders make me swoon.....Fabulously devine!!

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

oh my stars & garters!!!! LOVE EVeRYTHING!!!!

p.s. just added you to my 'other' blog,


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Lori ~ yours is beautiful ~ soft color ~ vibrant color ~ great composition!! You've go it all!! Can't wait to your finish!

Brenda said...

WOW, what beautiful work! I love it all, Lori.

Lisa Lebovitz said...

I am a big fan of the bullion stitch too! What an incredible weekend----can hardly wait until next year.

William Bezek said...

Fantastic work Lori. I've been lucky to watch you stitch by hand and it amazes me. Perfect stitches done with astounding speed! You have inspired me to improve my own hand work...I would have been promptly booted out of Sampler School in another era.

Anonymous said...

So lovely way to embellish !! Love your stitcheries !!