Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wild Hare Wednesday . . . Baby Benjamin

Happy Wild Hare Wednesday!

I've had a little visitor to the garden today.
He was inspired by the REAL baby bunnies who
have visited me each year.
I found the most wonderful antique child's mohair coat.
How sad that it was missing a sleeve!
A little odd, but that made it ok to use it to make bunnies!
It looks like real bunny fur, yes?

Look at him eyeing my lettuce!
Oh well . . . he is small and won't eat much!

Baby Benjamin:

This little bunny is about 9" to his ear tips.
Wonderful antique mohair, with wool felt ear linings and glass eyes.
He is stuffed heavy with steel shot.
Comes nestled into an antique French berry basket with a half dozen
carrots made of antique fabric.

Ship/ins. $12.00

Thank You!!

Lori Ann

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