Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Summer !

Wishing for you this summer:

Sunny Skies
Apple pies
Bare feet
Arms full of those you love!

Lori Ann


Hanni said...

Yes, we all need a beautiful summer! I do hope you will enjoy yours!
Lovely bear by the way!

pussman said...

Oooh he is perfect!!!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Such a sweet sentiment! Have fun with your family!

JDConwell said...

Lori Ann, your little red bear is perfect. I hope YOUR summer is, too.
(P.s. Can I have peach cobbler instead of apple pie? :~P)

The French Bear said...

Oh no, I missed it again, wow, I can't believe how flustered I have been lately!!! I love your work, sad to have missed Ole Blue, he is just precious!!! I love the chubby bears, you are so tireless and so creative.....they are all just wonderful!!!!
Margaret B

Lori Ann Corelis said...

You are all so sweet!!
Thank you!