Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wild Hare Wednesday . . . it's Leap Year!

Welcome to Wild Hare Wednesday!

It's Leap Year!
Or as we call it in these parts . . . 
Hop Year!

Please meet
Homer T. Hopper

A NEW size for my standing rabbits, Homer is 12.5" tall
to his ear tips.  A very perfect size!
 He is fully jointed, yet stands very sturdily on his own 2 big feet!
Created from soft taupe mohair with hand shading for depth.
His eyes are glass and his ear linings wool felt.

Homer wears a woolen houndstooth vest and carries his large 
woolen carrot on his back with a custom leather sling.
By the way...
He "Leaped" and "Hopped" for joy when he found that big carrot!!

Ship/ins $14.00

Thank you!

Please email to purchase:

Have a "hoppy" day!
Lori Ann


Louise Peers said...

Aww ,what a cutie ! x

Patty ♣ said...

Lori! You do the cutest!! I love all the things that you make!!! Homer is WONDERFUL! ♥

tj said...

...Simply wonderful! :o)

...Love the name too.

...Enjoy your day!

...Blessings :o)

Mäsywi-Bären said...

oh my gott he is so wonderful, i like it