Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wild Hare Wednesday . . .

Welcome to
Wild Hare Wednesday!

Please meet:
Ima Berry Bunny

10" (12" to ear tips)  hand dyed red mohair bunny . . . he thinks he is a strawberry!
Shhh . . . you don't dare tell him he's not!
Stuffed heavy with steel shot he wears a leaf collar of antique fabric.
Holds his own woolen berry pin keep.
But watch out . . .  he likes to play hide and seek in the berry patch!

Ship/ins $10.00


Please email to purchase:

Berry Keeper

A fun needle helper
About 10" overall mounted on a tin base that
clamps to a shelf or table top.
Holds a spool of thread on an antique square nail.
Bullion seeds and a dear bee of bullion knots as well!
(See...I'm learning new stitches!)
All hand dyed wool!

Ship $10.00



susana said...

wow, a gigantic strawberry, i like the way you put it upside down, no worries for getting hurt from bundles of pin.

Ani said...

Awwww...Loving the Ima Berrys! I picked strawberries yesterday, I should have taken my Ima Berry bear with me, he probably would have snuck berry or two to eat whilst picking!

Kays Kids said...

L love Ima she just looks like a berry.

Mäsywi-Bären said...

i love your bunny, ima is wonderful and so sweet